Online Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Online – 4 Key Questions

1. Is online hypnotherapy  effective? – Yes, I’ve been treating people with hypnosis online for years and have many happy clients in several countries.

2. How is it done? – It can be done on your computer, tablet or even mobile phone from the comfort of your home or anywhere via Skype, Facetime or  telephone.

3. What kind of issues do you address? – Varies, but generally any issue can be helped by getting in touch with your subconscious mind, which drives behaviors. Hypnotherapy has become most known for weight loss, stopping smoking, breaking bad habits, wealth creation, fears and reducing stress but many  people use it for a wide variety of issues including help with personal changes, such as chronic lateness, procrastination, ability to focus and much more.

4. What’s the cost?It depends on your needs and goals and the issue you want solved.

Jill Fischer – Advanced Hypnotherapist & International Speaker

Jill Fischer teaches people how to bring more money, health and love into their lives through the use of hypnosis and therapeutic techniques. Negative beliefs add a lot of misery to a person’s life but there’s a process that will help eliminate those blocks.  Jill through Mind Reset hypnotherapy helps people to diffuse those negative blocks and recreate their lives.

Get one-on-one help with any type of issue – especially those you’ve tried to change but failed.

Most people have some persistent issues in their life that continues to reduce their joy of living and if they could have changed these issues, they would have done so by now.  These types of on going problems are most often driven by a part of the mind that’s not easily accessed through traditional means, it’s the subconscious part of the mind. That’s the reason standard counseling often only gets limited results, as it doesn’t gain quick access to the subconscious mind.


Online Hypnotherapy – How does it work?

Hypnotherapy done online uses a relaxation / conversational technique that induces a hypnotic state which is easily facilitated via digital media or the phone. Hypnotherapy enables changes in perception and memory and offers a major increase in response to suggestion, it also has the potential for controlling many physiologic functions that are usually involuntary.

Hypnotherapy online  is often more effective than in person. On the phone you reduce the visual stimuli that you would have face to face; this creates an environment for heightened listening and laser focus. When you experience hypnotherapy over a phone or Skype (without video), you can obtain help from virtually anywhere.

Hypnosis therapy includes ultra relaxation, focused concentration and involved attention to achieve the heightened state of awareness known as a trance state. Your attention is so focused while in this state that anything going on around you is temporarily blocked out or ignored. In this naturally occurring state, you’ll focus on specific thoughts, tasks or goals, which are predetermined and directed by the hypnotherapist and yourself.

Hypnosis is a completely natural mind-set. When your in a hypnotic trance state you’ll feel very calm and relaxed, similar to that wonderful sensation you get just before falling asleep.  With the  guidance of a trained practitioner you’ll be able to visualize yourself becoming happier, healthier and being able to do whatever it is that you want to achieve. A skilled hypnotherapist can show you how to easily learn to attain this state.

Hypnotic therapy done this way,  gives you the benefit of being in your known familiar surroundings, which helps you relax quickly and easily.  Online sessions means you can get access to a reputable hypnotherapist from anywhere in the world. It also saves you time and energy by eliminating the commute, parking and travel time needed for traditional office hypnosis. Once you try online sessions, you’ll love them!

 Online Hypnosis – Therapy Benefits

The benefits of online hypnosis therapy are numerous. It has a lengthy track record of being a successful way to produce real change in a person’s life. Online hypnotherapy can be one of your most valuable tools when it comes to changing almost any type of behavior or pattern. The reason it’s beneficial is because behavioral patterns are driven from your subconscious mind and your conscious mind often doesn’t have an ability to overcome a well ingrained pattern. The conscious doesn’t have access to the actual reasons why the original behavior started. Many behaviors started as a coping mechanism, an attempt to solve a problem we faced at some point in our past.

An example of the above point would be a woman who when young became really frightened by spiders. If she doesn’t do any work to get over that fear, even 50 years later, when she sees a tarantula walking across the bedroom floor toward her, she is likely to over react. No matter how hard she tries to intellectually keep calm, her reaction will most likely be a heightened emotional response, an almost automatic response, that the conscious mind can’t control.

Depending on the characteristics of the behavior that you want to change and how deeply ingrained, it may not be enough to buy self-hypnosis MP3s or CD’s targeted toward transforming your behavior. Sometimes doing a hypnotherapy session with a certified hypnotherapist is a really important step that can then be followed up by CD’s or MP3 recordings which then become more effective once you’re used to being hypnotized by a particular hypnotist’s voice tone.

You can work with the greatest hypnotherapist in the world, but if you don’t really want to change, it ultimately won’t work. Hypnosis functions by implanting ideas into a receptive mind and that is the corner stone of self-hypnosis as well as professional hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is acknowledged as a legitimate medical procedure by the American Psychological Association and the American Medical Association.