Jill Fischer, Advanced Hypnotherapist, International Speaker & Teacher, Radio/TV Host & Life Coach

Jill Fischer’s Bio:

JiIl is an International Speaker, Advanced Hypnotherapist and Radio Show Host

Even though Jill has taught individuals and organizations for years, it was in 2005 when she participated in the Insight Program at Edgewood Addiction Treatment Center that she realized that the limits of her life were correlated to the limits of her thinking – and most importantly, that she could create new thinking to create a life of freedom and fulfillment. This ‘light bulb moment’ led to an insatiable appetite to study how the human brain determines behavior.

“She is an incredible healer, who comes from pure love and is committed to people having amazing lives.“ Anat Stapleton

Her studies have led her around the world from the Bahamas to Japan, California to Arizona searching for the ‘keys to the kingdom’. Jill combines her knowledge of hypnotherapy, neuro-science, intuitive energy, ontology, linguistic influences on human behavior with her genuine warmth, compassion and humour to create a safe and welcoming environment for clients to transform.

“My session with Jill went way beyond my expectations.  Jill’s qualities of deep listening…  I see her at the forefront of a new level of using hypnosis to support the shifts needed to create lasting and specific change.  I am full of gratitude.”  Sherrill Ruckert.

Some of Jill’s media appearances include:
Global TV, City TV, CTV Television, NHK (Japan’s National Public Broadcasting), Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald Newspaper, National Post Newspaper, CFRN Radio, and more.

Jill has shared the stage & teleseminars with: Don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements), Harrison Klein (Founder of the Masters Gathering).  Shawne DuPeron (6-Time EMMY Winning Media Coach), Neale Donald Walsch, (author of Conversations With God), and more.

What to expect from Jill:

Get fantastic online hypnotherapy results in the following areas,

  • Weight Loss
  • Addiction Free
  • Vitality
  • Joy
  • Confidence
  • Sense of Peace
  • Deeper Relationships
  • Phobia free
  • Healthy Body
  • Clear thinking
  • Living Your Purpose
  • Powerful Public Speaking
  • Self Sabotage Free
  • Success Beyond Expectation

Jill’s Keynote Speech Topics:

·       Hypnosis for Weight Loss
·       Night Vision
·       Celebrate Life Through Cancer: Visualization Techniques to Heal Your Body.
·       How I pretended I was in the Japanese Mafia to get out of debt
·       Hypnosis to Reset Subconscious Programming to Success

Radio/TV Topics:

Lose Weight in Your Sleep
Stress Reduction: Mind over Matter
Breakthrough Writer’s Block
How to Reprogram your Subconscious Mind
Hypnotherapy for Addictions
Wealthy Mind – Wealthy Wallet