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Your body changes as you visualize. Your mind and  body doesn’t know the difference between a real experience and an imaginary experience. This particular peculiarity can be used to your benefit as any anxiety has an impact on your body and negatively impacts your fertility and chance of getting pregnant.

Anxiety and / or stress can cause our survival fight or flight response to be activated. Cortisol levels increase and we can then experience high blood pressure, adrenal fatigue and infertility.

Dr. Sarah Berga of Emory University’s says  there’s a link between infertility and stress. The hypothalamus is fertility’s greatest nerve center and is also the regulator of anxiety, generating cortisol when required to maintain our bodies in a balanced state. Another way of saying this is that a very small  sized area of our brain  – the hypothalamus – regulates  stress and our reproductive system,  each month there’s a really sensitive interaction between hormones which can lead to effective ovulation.”

Hypnosis has been successfully implemented during childbirth and pregnancy for over one hundred years. According to a Harvard Hypnotizability Scale, women are more suggestible in their second and third trimester of pregnancy –  giving even more reason to use hypnotherapy during pregnancy.

Couples can often encounter high anxiety when infertility has been identified. Infertility can jeopardize  one of life’s main goals of parenthood and produce a feeling of turmoil and stress. Hypnotherapy is really efficient in decreasing anxiety levels which can aid a couple in getting pregnant.

Research has shown there’s a  connection between tension and probable difficulties with getting pregnant. Research also shows hypnosis and the power visualization will decrease anxiety and can favorably impact your baby’s neurobehavioral advancement and help ease labor and delivery.

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As our character, personality and awareness primarily develops between 0 and 2 years, this is an optimal time to establish nurturing bonds and good habits. Babies are highly suggestible for sound therapy and short daily meditations (meditations are a type of hypnosis) can help with restful sleep, potty training, nursing dependence, crying, colic, blood circulation and brain development.

Just think of a baby’s mobile that goes round and round over the crib mesmerizing the baby into sleep – very similar to “you are getting sleepy, sleepy…” In a way this mobile is a very simplistic version of hypnosis to induce sleep, but really you can use hypnosis at anytime throughout the day and night.

You can practice hypnosis with your baby while nursing, holding your baby, falling asleep and even while you simply think of your baby. Babies are open and present to the here and now – which is very useful for hypnosis. Babies are tuned into how they feel and what is happening in the moment. Assisting with relaxation techniques, babies (and you) train your brain to appreciate the present, create connection, access more brain power to problem solve, and most importantly create a state of relaxation and peace.