Weight Loss with HypnosisWeight Loss with Hypnosisyp

There are many reasons that people are unable to lose weight or even if they’re able to lose it, they may then have trouble keeping it off for any length of time. If you happen to have a few extra pounds than you would like to have, you’re not the only one, about 60% of the population has this same challenge.

Carrying around extra weight, especially in the stomach area, can be very unhealthy. If you’re a binge eater, you’re probably using food to deal with your stress, anger and other negative moods. The binge eating disorder is more common than other eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia, and affects men in addition to women.

Other people may be dealing with compulsive overeating on a consistent basis and have a similar addiction to binge eating. They have an addiction to food and will use eating as an escape from their emotions, using it to fill an emptiness they feel, or simply to cope with stress in their life. Compulsive eaters will think of food even when they’re not physically hungry. Believe it or not, compulsive eating has nothing to do with your body size; eating compulsively affects people of all sizes and shapes. Compulsive eating actually comes from a preoccupation with food, constantly thinking about what you look like and what you eat.

So, how do you lose weight? When you eat to feel better, it just gives you a momentary false belief that you actually do feel better, it’s essentially just trading your long term goal of weight loss for a short term feeling of satisfaction. Many eating disorders come from indirect emotional issues like stress, guilt, migraines, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and addictions. A trained hypnotherapist can aid you in exploring your unique subconscious mind and find what the underlying issues are.

During your sessions, you will re-educate your mind at a very deep level to rid yourself of unhealthy eating patterns permanently. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective way to make lasting, positive changes in your life.

Love your body and mindLose Weight By Hypnotherapy

Chronic dieting and worrying about weight issues can cause serious disturbances to your everyday eating and self-perception and subsequently your self care.

Body image disorders and food phobias are becoming more and more common. Emotional eating can be a habit or even an addiction; affected people feel out of control. They stress over these behaviors and about their weight and how they look. Yet, they can’t seem to stop what they’re doing. They have distorted perceptions about eating, shape and weight.

Very often emotional eating comes in pair with yo-yo dieting, and with each cycle it becomes worse. Emotional eating is usually accompanied by depression and low confidence, and this is addressed and resolved by hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help individuals struggling with eating disorders. Hypnosis is used to identify the root cause of the problem so that the emotional aspect can be dealt with. Negative behavior patterns can be healed and more positive habits can be engrained and mastered.
Hypnotherapy helps to improve self confidence and self image so that you can view yourself with love and honour.

What would it be like to love your body? Love for yourself, your body, your mind, your life and all those in your life. Just imagine discovering that you are perfect just as you are. Regardless of your circumstances – you can love your body and your mind. From this point of view you can create a new level of health and well being.

Hypnotherapy is the best at solving the underlying emotional causes which lead to eating disorders. Here the hypno-analytical techniques can help to identify and solve the problem. Once the underlying feelings are resolved, the awareness techniques may be used to understand the eating behavior and the triggering pattern. Then you’re able to implement new ways to deal with the triggering situations and emotions. This is much easier done in a highly suggestible hypnotic state than in any other therapy. You learn healthy eating habits, and are not obsessed by food and weight any more.

Replace negative self talk with positive self talk:
I love my body and my mind.
I am beautiful.
I am healthy everywhere.
I love the way I feel.
I am confident.
I matter and make a difference.
I crave a healthy body.
I feel beautiful from inside myself into the world.
My body brings me happiness and gifts.
I am the person I have always wanted to be.
I live a very empowered life and my body is beautiful.
I am new everyday.
I feel wonderful and am a brand new person.
I am empowered, inspired , honoring my body everyday.

The principle of positive suggestion is what makes hypnotherapy work so well. Those unwanted behavior patterns like obesity, phobia, smoking and addiction can be removed and replaced with desired, new behaviors.

During a one on one session, the hypnotherapist will lead the patient into a deep relaxed state by guided visualization and breathing exercises. Together you’ll be able to explore ways to think about food differently from your subconscious mind. Hypnosis therapy will aid you in losing the weight easily and naturally. You’ll be able to learn to fully enjoy healthy food habits. You can gain a new lease on life, as well as feel your self-esteem increase and feel more confident and relaxed.