Reduce StressReduce Stress with Hypnosis

Stress can now be connected as a contributor to many types of diseases and deaths in the world. It often plays a major part in illnesses that can become fatal. It is connected directly and indirectly, to an increase in accidents, lung and heart disease, liver cirrhosis as well as suicide.

Relaxing helps to reduce your stress because when you’re relaxed, your endorphins are stimulated and tension is released. Relaxing also lowers your cholesterol and your blood pressure.

Stress involves the releasing of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisone. Relaxation has the exact opposite effect. Stress hormones are reduced when you’re rested, unhurried and without tension; cholesterol decreases, blood pressure lowers, energy increases, digestive issues improve and the immune system gets stronger.

Relaxing can improve any issues you may have with your digestive system, and increase your level of energy. Even your immune system can be improved through relaxation.

We can activate our body’s natural responsive side in order to relax; this will effectively help to keep stress levels down. Below are a few relaxation techniques:



Rhythmic Exercises







Breathing Techniques

People who can stay calm in the face of life’s un-expected events, as they happen, experience power and freedom no matter what the situation is. How would it feel to be able to bring your energy level up, and reduce the general stress that’s in your everyday life? To do that, just include the activities mentioned above into your daily routine.

There are several ways to relax, one of them being any type of physical exercise. It can help you to relax and improve your health. There is also the option of psychology, breathing techniques, meditation techniques and many others.

If you’re looking for a quick and reliable way to reduce, and possibly eliminate your stress altogether, a well trained hypnotherapist knows how to make you comfortable and help you get to a very deep relaxed state.

Hypnotherapy sessions can benefit you physically, mentally and emotionally. Hypnotherapy induces a state that can have a great impact on your autonomous nervous system (which controls the parts of body such as the heart beat, blood pressure, and digestive system). It can also can enhance positive thinking and create a worry free emotional state.

Jill Fischer with hypnotherapy will help to increase your motivation and at the same time help you reform your old unhealthy habits into better ones, creating a healthier you.

Find Peace Withinhypnotherapy Reduces Stress

Being an anxious stressed person means that your senses are very easily overwhelmed. Your fight or flight response is quickly triggered, causing a persistent feeling of being unsafe and adrenal fatigue often occurs. Chronic worry about decisions, finances, regrets, self worth and the possible future can be all consuming. We can get so stuck in our thoughts that our real life becomes neglected. It is possible to train and condition yourself to feel far more peaceful and powerful inside your life. This allows you to lead a much more normal life, one where you can process information with peace and calmness.

When you are calm, you can access all parts of your brain to problem solve and create new possibilities in your life. When you are stressed or anxious, the higher parts of your brain are not available because you are in fight or flight and your brain is consumed with your survival.

Anxious nervous systems are highly sensitive to your environment. And because you process and reflect upon incoming information so deeply, you are more likely to become over stimulated and overwhelmed.

If you feel you are too sensitive and anxious to criticism you may have been brought up believing that no one should ever say a bad word about you. More commonly however, people who are over-defensive have been criticized a lot in the past, and defensiveness has developed as a self-protection mechanism.

If being a stressed anxious person is problematic for you, know that you can do something about it. You have reasons to be confident. It is your subconscious programming that is telling you lies about your ability. In order to move on and live a successful life, the root of this programming in your subconscious mind can be rewritten with hypnosis to align with your conscious goals.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness (awareness); it differs from many other mental states including ordinary consciousness. It is a way of relaxing to access your subconscious for your benefit. This allows you to experience your subconscious mind and program yourself intentionally.

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, powerful treatment, which can help disappear unwanted anxiety, worries and habits. It is very effective in reducing overall stress and alleviating symptoms. When you are no longer defensive, your life is much freer and easier and you’ll be able to focus on what’s really important. At this point you can create from your visualized future. What do you want?
Just imagine…